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    Try this military magazine. It contains military affairs and also articles on the lives of military families.

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      Originally posted by alfa2bravo View Post
      I am thinking of becoming a intelligence analyst. I do not have any degree in military or political studies.
      Well it would appear you have a great start and all the necassary qualifications

      seriously, good luck in your endevours, it has been pointed out by wiser souls than I, it is a thankless but yet somehow rewarding job, depending on your outlook or expectations.
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        Originally posted by alfa2bravo View Post
        There are some magazines who deals with military affairs. Can somebody tell me how to get associated with them as prefessionally. I know I have to start from zero
        Unless you have an established body of work or an introduction don't expect much. If you have a terminal degree you might be able to do peer review work to start with to make connections. If you don't, then expect a lot of hard work. The Colonel and Andy built a site and nurtured it, Planesman created his guides, Fofanov mastered everything about Russian tanks- none of them make money or much of it as far as I know. I've had people from all over the world ask my opinion, not one government.

        The only way your going to make money is by writing somethign that sells. Blogs are easiest- if you get the content right there is potential. Books carry more prestige and for a very small few- huge rewards.

        If you do a Blog you need something that will pop the google spiders and brign you traffic. Learn about key words and phrases, join lots of related forums with your personal blog in your sig or profile. Post often, become part of the community and get members to look to you for advice and opinions (which will lead them to your blog). A good vita can't hurt you. Education in relevant feilds lends your claims credence. If you don;t have a degree- get one. Oh and make sure you have a good name as well as game.

        Alfa2Bravo- A2B (A leads to B).

        A2B The Progression Of Global Defense Issues.

        Once your blog is making money and your credentialed then you start submitting original content to the zines you want to get published in.

        oh, unless your a true polymath, pick one area and focus like a laser.