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Medal of Honor recipient wins his battle to keep his flagpole

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    Originally posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
    Horse puckey, GS. You mean to tell me that these idiots can draft a civil court paper but cannot draft an exemption supported by a majority of the association?

    The old guy never applied for an exception, either before the fact or after.

    So legally if the association also violated the rules of their charter, by granting an exemption after the fact, and without a request from the homeowner to do so, then everything/anything is fair game.

    The individual and the association would have both violated the rules, so why should someone else have to abide by them?

    If he had gone before the board prior to putting the flagpole up and gotten a variance everything would have been fine.

    However he violated the legally binding contract that he signed when he moved there. To protect their investments, the association had to sue.

    The "Grant an exemption on Veterans day" may be the patriotic thing to do but is the wrong thing to do from a legal standpoint. The Medal of Honor grants no special privileges that allow him to violate contract law.


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      The Association did what they had to do "Serve notice".

      It gives them some legal protection for any future incidence.


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        Be advised that I am not an American but I have serious question that a home association have anything specifically written about an a flag pole with an American flag. With this being said, violaters may have a case for putting up a Mexican or a Chinese flag but come one, this bunch of high up, being able to afford $500K plus a home cannot write legal binding terms that would exempt the American flag?


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          It never was about the flag. It was about the flagpole.


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            Again, these high paying idiots cannot write an exemption? Like they're doing now?


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              You know how everyone has those little time to times that they say "if I only had the money."

              Well this is one of those times that if I had, I would send the guy a Sherman tank painted red, white and blue to park in his driveway if he so desired. See how they feel about that!:)):))