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To you military men, how important is weight in your system?

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    Originally posted by S-2 View Post
    Or you can join the artillery, shoot big guns, carry anything you want, eat nothing but the best, have lots of hot water to wash and shave, and ride to war.

    There's always a way around these nasty thingys like humping the boonies...

    ...unless you're an F.O.

    Then it REALLY sucks.:))
    As an MP it was pretty sweet riding everywhere as well. One day, we got sent to a land nav refresher course. When the instructor asked what method we would use to navigate from A to B under X situation, a few of us replied "IFR". Being an Infantry inst, he looked at us puzzled, "IFR? Your not flying there, what are you talking about?" He got a good laugh when we said, "Yeah, IFR, I Follow Roads". MP just doesn't stand for Military Police...many times we pointed to our brassard and expressed "Motor Patrol".


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      Lol... even light units roll in 1151's and MRAP's now. Dismounted patrols aren't that bad with your basic load and PPE... and when you've got Strykers to carry the rest of your crap. This tanker plans to go to a heavy unit next!