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  • joining the army

    hello all

    i was wondering if some could help me ,am thinking of joining the army i was wondering if some could tell me which branch of the army would be the best for me

    am 22 yers old am a sophomore studding international relations

    how does some one apply to ranger school or the green berets or any Special forces unit , do you have to join the marines before you can apply

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    First both of the units you names are army units. You can request ranger school right out of AIT as well and enlist with a conditional ranger contract but the odds of getting it unless you were awesome as a trainee and you impressed your instructors there alot the odds of getting it are pretty slim.

    There is a bit more info here.

    There are also a few marine special forces units however they are smaller and almost all are built from people allready enlisted. Marsoc usually draws from people with at least 2 years in but it is not set in stone.

    If you are currently in decent academic standing I would actually talk to your schools ROTC office directly. If not go talk to the recruiter.


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      Thanks for your help

      But wow, you need 31 out 40 on your ASVAB to be able to join the ranger school that cant be right can it ?

      I took a practice test its 4 subjects with a combined score of 40 and I got a 28

      Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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        I'm not sure about the new grading scale last time I took the asvab it was still under the old scale. However getting into the upper percentiles at that time wasn't hard. If you aren't capable of scoring that high perhaps a different MOS or career field is a better match for you.