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Should women be allowed in combat roles?

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    Originally posted by JOgershok View Post
    Actually, authorized sex is with benefit of matrimony only
    Not enforced from what I saw on deployment.

    self pleasuring not withstanding
    Thank God.

    Pornography is also unauthorized according to General Order Number One (GO1)
    Yeah, right.
    America doesn't deserve its military

    -Emma Sky


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      When I was in I used to get screwed twice a month..................

      Because I had Mid-month and EOM!!!


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        A famous legend/old story from my village man once made advances towards the wife of a soldier serving away from home in the army, the woman took the blade she used to cut grass and off went his head , the police post is too far away, people just did the last rites and that was that. Our women toil all day in the hard mountain life, i would not try getting caught on the wrong side.

        A man in my college stood silently as his friends were fighting with goons who tried to molest his the girl he was with, fuc@#g coward, he just froze in fear (the girl was busy crying, should have punched one of them in the 'V' area).

        Hell yes, women in military, if they can face it.

        Probably i am also influenced by the soviet tales of the sniper girls (deadly).
        There have always been remarkable woman that would do just fine. But the fact is that the average women vs the average man, will not cut it. It is biology, not culture.

        When in combat I was in hand to hand fighting several times, the average women would have lost, why, because the average man is bigger and stronger. This is not prejudice, this is a fact.

        That is the same for combat load outs. In Iraq, the troops were not carrying long range load outs. They either had vehicles, or were not on long ranges patrols that would last many days or even weeks. Everything has to be carried.

        I think you will find that in Afghanistan that the troops will be walking much longer distances, and facing larger numbers of enemy combat effectives (means you have to bring more ammo and heavier weapons) often in area's that vehicles cannot manage. Then it becomes the ability of the individual trooper to carry his load. Simply the average man can carry a heavier combat load than the average women. There are always exceptions, but the military must be built on the average ability, not the exceptional.

        Unlike many of a certain political persuasion, the enemy will not give our women a free pass. They will be slaughtered simply because they are smaller and weaker, no other reason. Personally I would rather not see that happen, at least to American women, possibly others would disagree in their own cultures.

        Go figure.

        Semper Fi


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          No armor. No infantry. No cannon artillery. No combat engineers. No ADA. Not in the U.S. Army. Ever. Please.

          It's one big man-cave and should remain that way.

          Late now but this thread's been beaten to death elsewhere already.
          "This aggression will not stand, man!" Jeff Lebowski
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            Chinese female SWAT/special forces/police training:


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              Couple of problems with posting Chinese police training on this topic. One, women do well in police situations as they are completely different than military. Two, the difference in size of Chinese men and women is much less. They are about the same size. That's not the case in the west. So your video has very little relevance.

              Women have no business in combat. If they can't handle there load, I have to carry it.


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                Originally posted by tuflehundon View Post
                Two, the difference in size of Chinese men and women is much less. They are about the same size.
                I suspect that it's more of a case of diet than anything else. I noticed that the kids who came from Asia once they adopt a meat heavy diet gained weight extremely fast and it's not fat.
                Originally posted by KenMac View Post
                Chinese female SWAT/special forces/police training
                Ok, now add on a 75lb kit and do all those things again.
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                  In the driving wind, rain, snow, for weeks on end.
                  HD Ready?


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                    I do not know. depends on how you are build. for instance my weight is 67 kg (140 lb) in the army i have used to carry 90-100 kg guys on shoulders. Guess who carried the heavy equipment also... The only women in our battalion was a major, do not recall if it was from logistics or other service branch.


                    • Originally posted by S-2 View Post
                      No armor. No infantry. No cannon artillery. No combat engineers. No ADA. Not in the U.S. Army. Ever. Please.

                      It's one big man-cave and should remain that way.

                      Late now but this thread's been beaten to death elsewhere already.
                      Ditto, Brother. But let's just make it ALL artillery. Easier that way.

                      Don't forget Spec Ops. I think that's a given.
                      America doesn't deserve its military

                      -Emma Sky


                      • Originally posted by RadioPatrol View Post
                        so of those that voted yes so far (32 at this posting)

                        how many would want your daughters serving on the Front lines in Combat Brigades ....

                        see the false intellectual argument her is the Gas Bags in NOW and other Liberal Womans Groups are the ones whose daughters will never server or even support armed conflict .... but they want to send your daughters to serve ....

                        look @ that whining **** Cindy Shean her Son Volunteered and she crying the blues all over the place about the illegal / unjust war .... can you imagine the wailing if their daughters start coming in body bags or worse paraded on Jihad TV and having their head cut off with dull rusty knives and burned bodies hung from Iraqi Bridges ... (yeah i am intentionally being graphic to drive home the horrors of war )

                        OMG I can remember all the biatching during Gulf I ...

                        (wannn my ***** hurts) ... "I only signed up for the collage fund, I was not expecting to have to fight"

                        ****ing lusers ............
                        Well, a couple of things. First of all, I'd rather not see anyone come back in body bags, whole or otherwise. Certainly not my brothers, certainly not my cousines.

                        Dead, maimed, burned, or otherwise, I don't care what the gender is, I don't want to see anyone like that ....... at least those on my side.

                        To say nothing about the excellent job the country does of protecting the women when they are at home in country.

                        Secondly, for all the benefits with give veterans, we are running ourselves into a legal balliwick if we decide that only half the population is eligible for it yet all people pay for it. Right or wrong, push that point and legally, one will see on of two things. Either the oppurtunity for those benefits is available to everyone.............or veterans will get no benefits. At least.* That's the way it is in a democracy.

                        *There's also a point that military experience, such as being a pilot, gives one a head start for certain civilian jobs, but let that point be ignored here.

                        Next, if we say that women cannot carry the load in combat, then, should we not be building our fighter aircraft for women pilots, who are smaller and just as capable in the cockpit, and dedicate that reduction in cockpit design so that more payload, fuel can be carried? After all, that's essentially the theory behind the Type 61 tank.

                        As far as people who join the military only for the benefits, they ought to know better, that more will be required of them, but I think that is rather a factor of society and the country, which does include but is not limited to military.

                        Myself, I went in thinking service to the country and any benefits weren't really on the forefront of my mind. "I will go where you send me, when you send me.....and how you send me." I might not always do it enthuisatiscally, but I will do it willingly. It is the job I signed up to do.
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