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Uniform when not on duty?

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    Originally posted by VarSity View Post
    I got issued my no.2's today, totally love them
    To keep them in pristine condition, invest in a good steam generator iron and have your uniform professionally dry cleaned every 3 months (max)
    Forget the 'brown paper and soap down the creases of days gone by, they are tricks well left to history.


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      if ever anyone wanted to know the folly of being 'pinged' for a squaddie, even if only to collect a delivered pizza from the main gate 24 hours before deploynent to Helmand province, then go to 38 (Engineer) Regt RE at Masserene Barracks, Antrim.

      two young soldiers lie dead, and two civilian pizza delivery drivers are seriously or critically injured.

      it is never safe, it will never 'be all right'.

      the reason British soldiers were attacked is a very long story, the reason these two in particular died is because unit complacency allowed a publicly known habbit to develop.

      the RSM should be fcuking shot.

      RIP, and sadly RIRA's 'triumph' will mean that others will take encouragement and try again.
      before criticizing someone, walk a mile in their shoes.................... then when you do criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.


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        My condolences. God Bless.
        Present Arms.


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          I recently started to wear my well-maintained (if I may be so modest) C95 to and from drill nights, and studiously avoid drinking, listening to my iPod, eating, and generally anything which brings the uniform into disrepute, and which betrays the fact that I'm a shiftless idle student. I instead fill the commute with something impressive and intellectual, such as Jane Eyre or John Donne, so far. I've started to get compliments (although I am quick to clarify my meek OTC status) so I hope I'm doing my bit for the image of the armed forces. Considering recent events, however, it may be time to reconsider things.
          HD Ready?


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            It might also depend on the regulations of the local command.

            For example, in the 80's, the dress khaki was permitted almost everywhere, well except below main deck because it was made out of polyester, but my local command's regs stated that past a certain area, it had to be whites or working blues. Further, those or better were the uniforms authorized off base if one was going to go further than home <-> base. (near as I can recall).

            It did make it a slightly interesting point when visitors would be in the proper uniform everywhere else in the Navy but not for there ....... but I don't believe anyone ever got in trouble for it on that situation.

            And what if you on duty but in the civilian arena? I once found myself in a circumstance where it fell to me and one of my patrolmen to escort a deserter to his flight at the regional airport. I believed at the time that I was in the wrong uniform to be off base but what to do? I put on my most steely face, easier to do with the temperature in the teens, to say to anyone who might challenge me, "Don't mess with me; I'm on official duties."

            Did it work? Well, first of all I was operating under a misconception. The winter duty uniform was proper for off base. But the following week at the department head meeting, one of the civilians said, "Hey, Lieutenant, I saw you at the airport last week and I was going to say hi, but you looked so serious, I thought better of it."
            (Yossarian walks up for his medal stark naked. "Unless I miss my guess, Captain, you're out of uniform."--General Dreedle, (w,stte), "Catch-22")