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Company commander - captain or major?

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    I served during the Vietnam era. At that time a newly commissioned 2LT served for a year and then get promoted to 1LT and at about the same time get his first VN tour. Upon return to CONUS we often attended our branch advanced course, got one more assignment and then off to VN again. That tour would normally include a 6 month tour as a company commander. I closely followed that scenario. Was I ready for company command? Not as well as I would have liked but I was as qualified as the other captains becoming commanders at the same rate. The Army in its infinite wisdom decided to promote faster rather just let us serve in the same positions with a lower grade. I was not infantry and I understand many 1LT's did command companies. War is a terrible business and all institutions adapt.

    What I saw of the Marines followed similar promotion rates during Vietnam.