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    Joined OTA - 1992, Got commissioned - 1993, Took my release - 1998.

    Cheers!...on the rocks!!


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      But sure learnt a lot in the interim!

      "Some have learnt many Tricks of sly Evasion, Instead of Truth they use Equivocation, And eke it out with mental Reservation, Which is to good Men an Abomination."

      I don't have to attend every argument I'm invited to.



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        1969 - 1971 - Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Armoured Corps (joined at 15 yrs & 1 week old)
        1971 - 1981 - 1st Royal Tank Regiment (Tpr-LCpl)
        1981 - 1994 - Royal Army Ordnance Corps (LCpl-WO1)

        1994 - present - Civvy Street Lancers and loving it!!!


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          Enlisted in September 1999, US Navy. Officially transfered to the Army earlier this year.


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            13 A

            Field Artillery officer from March 1979 to May 1991. Army, Army Reserve, and Nat'l Guard. Instructor at the Artillery school, Btry FDO, Btry X.O., Range Control Officer- Ft. Sill (very fun:))), Btry commander, Bn. S-2, Infantry battalion FSO.

            Never far from cannon except one assignment with the infantry (as an artilleryman!;) ) . To date, the most interesting work with the smartest people of which I've been associated.
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              Navy, Anti Terrorist Unit, Defence Procument 40 years.


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                22 years with US Army, Artillery branch. 1/77-1/99.


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                  Enlisted IMA - 1998, Commissioned - 1999, Firecracking till date. Parent Reg. 220 Med RT. IA.
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                    Originally posted by 13FRET View Post
                    22 years with US Army, Artillery branch. 1/77-1/99.
                    That makes 3 From the King of Battle.

                    SLowly infiltrating, But
                    One day, out of the blue. Boom, We will be in charge
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                      Army 5339 Reply

                      "Officially transfered to the Army earlier this year."

                      And a good thing that shall be. Hopefully the combat arms.:) Good luck on your decision.
                      "This aggression will not stand, man!" Jeff Lebowski
                      "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool." Lester Bangs


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                        The learning curve went straight up

                        Left school 1976 and joined the Australian Regular Army 30 March 77, the learning curve went straight up, left 6 years to the day later after an injury made me part of the "Chairborn" division. We had a terrible time with paper cuts and it was hell when the Air conditioner karked it.

                        Spent all my time in RAAOC as a driver/storeman in a RAEME workshop, then a supply battalion, then a field supply company in the ODF (sharp end). That cured my couriousity.

                        I have the utmost respect for those who have stayed in for the long haul and those who served and gave their lives for their countries in time of war.

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                          Enlisted 1969 . retired 1982 all 1st RTR ;)


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                            Lets see if I can remember that far back. ;-)

                            Active Duty US Army in Sep of 77, I was 17, did OSUT at Ft. Knox KY and left as a 19D Scout. 2nd ACR, Amberg FRG Feb of 78 through Jan of 80, OJT to 19G M551 Sheridan Crewman and then 19E M60 Tank Crewman. 24th ID, Ft. Stewart GA Feb 80 through Sep 81 as a 19E Tanker and Tank Commander. Injured and got MOS 76C while recuperating. Reenlisted for 36H (Central Office Telephone Installer and Repairer) and spent a year at Ft. Gordon GA training. 557th Maintenance Company, Aschaffenburg FRG Sep 82 through Sep 85. Left Active Duty with 8 years service.

                            US Army Reserves. 138th MI Bn CEWI, O'Hare Reserve Center, Rosemont IL USA. Joined the unit to become a 98G Electronic Warfare Voice Intercept Specialist with German as my language. Then Germany was reunited and they started to teach me Russian instead. There for nearly 5 years. Left there to get back to tanks as a 19E again, but in a Training Division which really sucked. Spent less than 2 years there.

                            Illinois Army National Guard. Joined as a 54B NBC Specialist with the 44th Chemical Battalion, spent nearly 5 years there. Unit was downsized so I joined the unit that replaced them in the armory I'd been serving in. Became a 13F Forward Observer with the 2/122 FA, so my career came nearly full circle as Scouts and FOs do many of the same things. Spent a little more than 3 years with this unit before retiring.

                            Total time in uniform 22 years.

                            Rick Cox


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                              I was in the US Army from May '72 to Jan '80. Initially trained as 11E (tanker and M-113), but worked in 3rd Bde 1st AD S1 In Bamberg FRG until I reenlisted for Intel Analyst (96B). After Intel School I was in 4th MI Co at Ft Carson and then with an MI detachment in 2nd AD (Fwd) at Grafenwoehr and Osterholz-Scharmbeck. The last few months I was in an S&T Bn with 13th COSCOM at Ft Hood. After the 7 1/2 years regular army, I spent one year in the National Guard with an 8" SP howitzer battery.
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                                Drafted into Kantemir Tank Division (Russia) for 2 years in 1990 as a tank and APC (BTR 70) driver. Served only 1 year - due to being wounded in combat.
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