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How many years in?

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  • How many years in?

    Wanted to get an idea how many years the military guys on our forum served, perhaps year enlisted and year retired too.

    I think Ray could hold claim to the longest time served among the membership, I'm going to guess low to mid 30's. :)
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    My uniformed service was: RAF 1957 - 1961.
    Army ( 1RTR & AAC) 1961-1980.
    'Intelligence Services' 1980 - 1987.
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      Enlisted 18 Feb '86.

      Retired 1 Mar '06.

      Total time: 20 years, 10 days.

      Not counting seven days AWOL that they never found out about.

      Oh, and 47 free leave days that I told 'em about, but they couldn't fix, so I took 'em anyway.

      The rest of it was legit.


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        signed on the dotted line 1966 Signed off the dotted line 1989 all Service with 1ST Royal Tank Regiment...23yrs:)


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          In uniform 3 years 187 days..... Then alot of terminal leave time and some commander authorized release because I was working in the same command as a contractor at the time and there was a 3 week window for the time I was in for the US stop loss program. (At least in the unit I was in stop loss was terrible for the unit and personal morale.)

          Oh and another 18 months as a direct unit operations supporting contractor.
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            I've been in the TA for about 18 months now, for a total of about 100 days served. I'd guess that makes me the most inexperienced on the forum.
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              USMC 2/2/68-29/5/68 Delayed Entry Program, 30/5/68-28/2/89 'On Deck'.


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                Total 2 yrs 9 months.

                Joined Navy air reserves in 1956 while still in high school; military service was still compulsary then and besides they were offering a free trip to Miami (I can still feel the sun burn...);

                2 years active duty in Kingsville, TX; separated; and then recalled in 1962 for Cuban Missile Crisis; 7 months active at Pax River and 6 weeks at Gitmos on deployment with VP661.

                Many years go by, then work as a civilian at Pentagon for 9 great years.
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                  called up JAN 13 1986 one year in the first south african infantry battalion ,trained in Mech warfare ,Trench clearlng ,and house clearing ,first year spent 3 month in Mamelodi doing riot control,Dec 86 transferred to 61 mechanised infantry Battalion finished in Dec 1987 ,Spent 10 years in the reseves Cape Town Higlanders .Now living in Spain


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                    130 days in labor battalion.


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                      Served active duty USN from Jan '80 to Jul "89.

                      Went TAD in a special forces unit on CV-66 for 3 mos in '80 called "Mess-cranks"! Learned hand-to-hand plate scraping, got qual'd on a fully auto-galley "dragon". Earned a verbal commendation for skill in hurling full garbage bags of trash off the ship's fantail. I wore my hygienic, disposable paper hat with PRIDE! The rumor that we handled and operated deck buffers is classified and can niether be confirmed or denied!


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                        I spent 5 1/2 years on active duty in the US Marine Corps from 94-99. I'm still a drilling Reservist with an LAR Bn and have been mobilized twice, spending 2 of the last 7 years on active duty.


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                          Enlisted 13 Dec 1979

                          Retired 1 Jan 2000

                          All were great assignments but DC and South Korea were favorites.
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                            Served 2 yrs and 6 months in the 6th BN Singapore Infantry Regiment. Currently in the Reserves (667th BN Infantry)
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                              Total time: 7 years, 10 months
                              From which 5 years I was trained and about 3 years I serve directly in army