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  • EOTech weapon sight

    I know many people here are current or former soldiers. So, I would like to get some feedback on the EOTech holographic sight from y'all. I became interested in these after seeing some pictures of them mounted on canadian weapons in afghanistan. Apparently they are very good for CQB, and have been adopted by USSOCOM.

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    I've heard many good things about this sight. Some of the best sights in the world.


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      I have one on my AR15 flattop. Not only is it cool looking :) but its excellent for close range shooting. I haven't shot mine extensively, but I had no trouble getting center mass hits out to 100 yards with it on. I mounted a GG&G flip up A2 rear sight behind it so I can use the iron sights through the glass for longer range or if the batteries are dead. I understand that some spec ops guys don't even turn them on. They just use the glass window as an oversized peep sight and line up with the front sight. Anyway, I love mine. Very bright reticle (adjustable brightness) even in full daylight. You can get them with or without NVG compatability and versions that run on either AA or lithium batteries.
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