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HW 45 air pistol

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  • HW 45 air pistol

    Just got myself an HW 45 air pistol for target and maybe vermin plinking , top pistol from the krauts with 2 power settings on cocking , one at 2.5 fps and 2nd at app 5.5 fps , smashing well made pistol , this is what the uk has come to now , mr me ,tankie, an ex mil gunny inst is allowed to have a fkin air pistol but not the real thing , stll it will do i spose until the revolution lol , yanks im jellous of your rights of ownership but concerned of the way they are abused in killings , still thats for another thread to debate , but once again Wheirach have made a winner with this one which emulates a good old reliable Brit one , the webley .Im quite chuffed with it and it sports a tele sight or fibre if req .Happpppppppyish days ahead .