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1816 Harper's Ferry

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  • 1816 Harper's Ferry

    A few years ago, my father's cousin passed away. He was a very historically minded guy who, at times, seemed stuck in the 19th century. He lived in an old house where he took great pains to keep original. His wife has done a lot since to make it more habitable. I miss him dearly.

    Before he left us, he wanted me to have along with his Civil War US belt, percussion cap pouch and ammo pouch, his model 1816 Harper's Ferry musket, built in 1832.

    I've had it the better part of the week, before tearing it down for a look. A combination of steel wool, 409, WD-40 and metal polish is already working wonders on it. Most of the armory bright is there. It was converted at some time to percussion firing from its original flintlock setup -- probably late 1840s or 1850s. It does look good and is probably quite shootable. I would like to get the cone off and replaced with a newer one. (people s****** when I say "nipple"). I do have the bayonet, too.

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    Wow - nice piece of history and family! Keep us informed.

    I know what you mean about the "cone". My friend had a lot of explaining once when his wife found an itemized reciept from the gun store for muzzle loading supplies. She wanted to know just what kind of store sold: nipple pick, nipple wrench, ball puller, ball starter, ramrod, cleaning jag, etc etc.
    "Bother", said Poo, chambering another round.