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IWB for XDS .45 and Glock 19

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  • IWB for XDS .45 and Glock 19

    So my finalization appointment is coming up and I haven't decided on holsters yet.
    Looking for recommendations for IWBs for both my XDS .45 and Glock 19.

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    A fellow wabber pointed me towards Ted Blocker a few years ago. I couldn't be happier. I am using a shoulder holster but he does make IWB's too.
    If you are interested. Custom Gun Holsters at Ted Blocker Holsters - The Finest in Gun Leathers Since 1972
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      Kramer Leather in Texas is highly spoken of.
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        I've heard great things about crossbreed holsters.

        Personally, I like Don Hume's JIT holsters the best - though they are OWB holsters. They are well constructed, hold the weapon securely, are very affordable and the minimal design allows it to stay unobtrusively on the belt when the gun itself cannot be worn (visiting school principal, for example - gun gets locked up, but the holster doesn't scare the sheep). I use one for my Makarov, J-frame and 1911 (three different holsters).
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