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Range Report with SR1911 (pics heavy)

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    Originally posted by gunnut View Post
    Be happy this is only a Glock. Wait until you get the "Signess."
    Sigs do not do it for me - fat grips with too many controls (safety, decocking lever etc.) - basically the bad points of poly guns without their redeeming features (simplicity, low cost).

    I understand they can be beautiful and addictive, but not for me.

    I do fantasize about other guns though; If I indeed get myself an M&P40 (or something equally suitable as a tough SD carry piece) then I would think about acquiring a 357 magnum revolver (something like the S&W 686), a Browning High Power and additional flavours of 1911s (Commanders, Milspecs etc.) Yes, I do realize I have exquisite taste

    That's before I move onto long (one can dream)
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