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    Originally posted by highsea View Post
    Grant and Josephine counties will issue to non-residents. In both cases, it means a long drive and overnite stay for me. Not really sure Oregon is worth it- I can be armed within my shop without a license anyway.
    Hmmm. It only takes about 30 min to pay and get your mug taken. You should be able to get the paperwork ahead of time so you can fill it out at your leisure. Would be a long day though I know as I have done it before. Your best bet would be to have it done as part of a mini vacation.

    You can take a class in Portland and they will do all the things needed to be done to get a Utah permit. You don't have to travel and the permit is open to more states than an Oregon permit.(but of course Oregon does not recognize it) One thing though. Not all states recognize the non resident Utah permit but they will recognize a resident Utah permit. Still. It may be worth looking into.
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      Between open carry and my Pa permit, i'm good to carry in about 40 states.