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Black Isn't my Favorite color, However...

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  • Black Isn't my Favorite color, However...

    Ruger Mini-30 with Redfield 4X widefield (My Wife's deer rifle, no lie. I've got witness's who've seen her make a heart shot at 125 yards, running buck)

    Norinco MAK-90 cheap chinese 4X scope, great noisemaker

    Ruger 22/45 6&7/8 sladside competition model, with Marvel trigger, Hogue wraparound grips, EDM cut extractor, mirror-polished hammer & sear and a Tasco 1X scope. Has killed 100's of muskrats & I shoot in the 500's in indoor Gallery

    Mossberg 500 18-inch cylinder bore-Pachmayr decellerator pad & candy-cane load (15 pellet 00-buck/slug/00/slug/00) with 6 00 in sidesaddle, 4 rounds of 6-shot & 1 slug in buttstock carrier. (keep it by the bed at night, prepared for any varmit, large or small :) )
    sigpicUSS North Dakota

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    GUNS.....ME LIKE GUNS....


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      What's the Pistola???

      Kind of hard to make out exactly what it is. I used to own a Ruger Mark II Government Target Model. Another gun I should never have parted ways with..... :H
      Revelation 16:16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
      (Been There)