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UK use of M-16 type magazines

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  • UK use of M-16 type magazines

    While the UK military prefers and issues Mag-Pul M-16 magazines, apparently MI-5 prefers the also excellent American manufactured Lancer magazines. Again, American civilian owned companies pioneer firearm innovation.

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    Sure, Lancer makes good mags. But that's parts. The number of US-owned companies currently designing and making combat arms is getting smaller. The only healthy one left is SIG. FN, which is making almost the entire gamut of standard issue weapons, is a global conglomerate. Colt is not doing all that hot. Arguably there is a global crunch, at least in Western countries, of the manufacturing base for military smalls.
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      Colt Canada would appear to be doing a bit better in the International Market than Colt itself.
      The American company Lewis Machine and Tool has also been winning contracts in the UK and New Zealand.