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  • Originally posted by Battleship IOWA View Post
    What most people don't know is we operate under an abatement order from AQMD and without shore power we could get shut down for excessive carbon emissions in the L.A. Harbor.
    That was what I had on my mind when Jim told me that. LA Harbor Authority had to be the same as the Port of Oakland in cracking down on any and all diesel emissions.


    • Small correction made :whome:

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      Dear NSA, what Gray said!


      • Google Maps unfortunately doesn't have the option of "16 inch shell flight"!


        • Well, I'd be inclined to just take what Rusty says as the gospel.

          I did some searching on this, and found these mentions about the shore power subject. They are not definitive, so make of them what you will.

          Article from this past August

          The ship has faced several challenges, including getting utilities and shoreside power set up. But there are now restrooms on board (as well as dockside) and shoreside power — which will make it possible to run fans and air-conditioning units on board — is expected to be in place early next year.
          And from the Battleship's own blog, also in August of this year:

          Mike Getscher has been working with an electrical engineer on our modified shore power drawings. We have received assistance from engineers, manufacturers, and our friends at the ECA in getting this work completed. A special ‘thank you’ to all of the folks that are helping move this project forward, especially the Port of Los Angeles.

          So these seem to indicate that it's possible the ship is still running on generators? If so...damn, for 2 years? Not the ship's generators...right? External ones? Maybe rentals?


          • I can't imagine they'd still be running on generators. You'd think they'd have hooked up to shore power long ago. Could you imagine how much fuel it would take just to run the basics?
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