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We Got the IOWA

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  • We Got the IOWA

    It is now official. The Navy contacted us this morning and the Pacific Battleship Center has been awarded the Battleship IOWA.

    All those interested in helping restore her or send donations, contact me at:
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    Give me a holler Rusty, I'd like to be there on opening day and walk her decks yet again. If finances and time permit I'd help with the restoration as well.

    I have to ask this as a matter of record - after she's restored an in place as a museum, will former crewmembers be given access to spaces not normally viewable by the general public?


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      Now that I've seen the New Jersey I'm gonna have to make a point of making it to LA at some point to see the Iowa
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        Congrats Rusty, figured it was only a matter of time. You know my number if you need anything.
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          From the little I follow the Navy threads I know this is your dream come true. Congrats.
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            WOOT! Well done that man. Congrats Rusty, busy times ahead huh?
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              Congrats, Rusty!

              Long Beach is less than 30 minutes away from here.

              I'll be first in line when they restore the girl and open her up to the public.


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                US$ 100 entrance fee for you, $1000 exit
                No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

                To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.


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                  I'll just say Rusty is my grandpa...

                  He has so many grand more won't matter.


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                    Oh, Rusty - one specific request that should be easy to honor since it's a museum now and not a warship...

                    At the bottom of turret 2, the center gun elevator - the 1" armored plate shaft around it is bowed out at least 10 inches on each side. Please don't fix that - it's a result of 4/19 and may very well be the only thing left (besides the 'people soup' smell) that'll prove it ever happened aboard.


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                      So much for Rusty's retirement


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                        The article (Well one of them)


                        Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus Announces the Award of the Battleship USS Iowa

                        LOS ANGELES, CA – The Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus announced today that the United States Navy has donated the Battleship USS Iowa to the Pacific Battleship Center, a Los Angeles‐based nonprofit on course to turn the ship into a permanent museum and memorial at the Port of Los Angeles.

                        The donation of the USS Iowa to the Pacific Battleship Center, under the Navy’s ship donation program, is the culmination of years of work by many dedicated volunteers. The USS Iowa is the only Iowa‐class battleship that has not been saved and turned into a permanent museum,and was the last battleship available for donation.

                        “We want to thank the Secretary of the Navy, and the entire United States Navy, for the donation of the USS Iowa to the Pacific Battleship Center,” stated Robert Kent, the President of the nonprofit. “With this award, the USS Iowa will become a permanent museum, memorial and educational center. We can now move forward with the work necessary to restore the ship and to bring her to the Port of Los Angeles.

                        ”The Pacific Battleship Center acknowledged the support and thousands of hours volunteers have contributed to this project. “Without the support of our volunteers, the people of the Los Angeles area and the people of the State of Iowa, this dream would not have become a reality,”stated Kent.

                        While there are too many people to thank for this great achievement, we do want to make special mention of the efforts of Congressman Buck McKeon, Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles City Council and their President, Eric Garcetti, the Los AngelesHarbor Commission and their President, Cindy Miscikowski, and Craig Nelson of Torrey‐PinesBank. This award also would not have happened without the tireless support of former LosAngeles City Councilwoman and current Congresswoman Janice Hahn. “Without the persistence of Congresswoman Hahn, the USS Iowa would not be coming to the Port of LosAngeles,” remarked Kent.

                        The people of Iowa were also instrumental in making this day a reality. We would like to thankGovernor Terry Branstad and the Iowa Legislature for their support in appropriating $3 million this year for the restoration of the USS Iowa. The entire Iowa Congressional Delegation also supported the efforts to bring the USS Iowa to Los Angeles. Robert Kent commented, “I would like to particularly thank Congressman Tom Latham and Senator Charles Grassley, for their special efforts to help ensure that the USS Iowa becomes a permanent memorial for all of our citizens.”

                        As the Pacific Battleship Center moves forward with the restoration and relocation of the USS Iowa, there are still numerous opportunities to be part of this historic project. You may contact the USS Iowa’s new caretakers at USS IOWA | A New Home in Los Angeles.

                        USS IOWA | A New Home in Los Angeles

                        Welcome home Iowa, No longer banished to the reserve fleet!
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                        Fortitude.....The strength to persist...The courage to endure.


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                          Congrats Rusty.


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                            Congratulations! Good to hear people will be able to walk her decks again.


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                              Good job, Rusty; obviously, I would've preferred she stay up here in NorCal at Mare, but I think you guys "down south" will take better care of her (plus, the weather's better!). Keep up the good work!
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