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  • The Bathtub in question.
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    • Originally posted by RustyBattleship View Post
      Well guys, I know what a claw foot bath tub looks like. And I know what the New Jersey looked like in 1968. I did some design work on her prior to her deployment to Viet Nam. I didn't have the opportunity to visit the Captain's in-port cabin so I cannot say a bath tub was there or not. It certainly was not there in 1981 when we first inspected the ship for modernization. Just a standard shower as I recall.

      The closest thing I can think of that would resemble a bath tub was that the crew painted the interior of one of the old 40 mm gun tubs up on 01 level and made a "swimming pool" out of it. Well, it wasn't big enough to actually swim in but could serve as a large spa.

      They had quite a photo-op of it including the ship's Captain relaxing in it. But it only lasted one day. The ship's medical officer declared it to be a health hazard as there was no recirculation system, no filtration system and not even any Chlorine tablets on board to put in it.
      Not only the clawfoot Rusty, All the shitter troughs were removed and updated heads as well. The rest of those ships from what I know were not updated until the 80's reactivation when they all gained the Monopole cage antenna and well as their powerplants being converted, mess halls and kitchens updated, superstructure, communications and weapons and you well know. Even some new peices added to the Machine shops among others.

      New Jersey also had a "whirlpool" added to the medical department because of some of the injuries they were experiencing that required that kind of treatment. She still has it today.

      Funny thing is they all still sailed under the Cruiser Div's designation since there were no Battleship Div's since just after the Korean War when all were retired again.
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      • Originally posted by Gun Grape View Post
        The Bathtub in question.
        Looks like it is in a medical space and not a Stateroom. If the shower curtains were longer, I would have guessed it at being a decontamination station but they are all stainless steel anyway.
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        • Not a medical space.

          Its in the COs head. Work done at Norfolk Navy Yard. Back in the 1930s.


          • And you're positive it's not the Iowa? I've been searching the interwebz far and wide, can't find anything...
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            • Nope.

              You were close on the Naval Quiz thread.

              Its been 24 hours.

              The correct answer is USS Mississippi BB-41
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              • Somehow I knew Rusty would pull it off!

                i discovered from a shipmate on that the mast is going up!

                Make sure your safety harness and lines are properly secured!

                Never doubted for a minute he would get it done before the trip south!


                • I saw this picture today on Facebook.

                  Pacific Battleship Center | Facebook


                  • Apparently, the "latest on the Iowa isn't all that "latest". Figured I could help. Opening day was today 7/7/12. Here is one of the articles about it.

                    Thousands Visit USS Iowa Museum on Opening Day | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Local News

                    I'd love to hear the behind the scenes part if anyone knows. With only 5% of IA open to the public, I don't yet know if it's worth the prices (and hassle)of admission just yet.


                    • My brother, nephew and I worked aboard on opening day. We worked hard and got some spaces cleaned up. It was a great experience and we're looking forward to another Saturday of work in a couple of weeks.
                      I didn't interact with the touring public but I did notice a lot of smiling and impressed faces. She is not only a piece of history but a work of art as well.