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1,000 mile cannon... on a ship

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  • 1,000 mile cannon... on a ship

    The Army's Mind-Bending 1,000-Mile Cannon Is Coming. Could It Bring Back Battleships?

    The article title is a little bit of a tease..... And it leads off with a picture of the Iowa firing a broadside.....
    But the meat of the article does review a new Army Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC) and how if it does work, would it make sense to put it on a ship.
    It does not campaign for bringing back any of the four Iowa class currently afloat. But does lay out, broadly, a ship based around the SLRC.

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    Well the author got all nerdy and excited I guess when he said this...

    In 1943, a battleship could only strike targets at a maximum range of 20 nautical miles, while the carrier could strike at up to 872 miles. Now, in 2020, a battleship could reach up to 1,000 nautical miles while the F-35C, the seagoing version of the Joint Strike Fighter, has a combat radius between 630 and 740 miles.
    Max range of a Hellcat was 845 miles yet an attack on the Japanese at 250 miles was really pushing it in getting all our planes back. So I don't know where he came up with that range of 872 miles for a WWII carrier strike group. At Philippine Sea Mitscher knew the Japanese where 275 miles away from a late afternoon report and his bombers had a 200 mile range. By the time he launched the Mission Beyond Darkness Ozawa was 330 miles away.

    Well like they say about cars "there is no replacement for displacement" meaning the more cubes the better.
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      Shades of the Vesuvius!!!
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