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Double trouble in Hackensack - USS Ling

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  • Double trouble in Hackensack - USS Ling

    Not sure if this has been publicized outside of the NY/NJ area, but last weekend the USS Ling was broken into by person(s) unknown at it's location in Hackensack, NJ. The folks that got inside the submarine used bolt cutters to cut chains on hatches, entered the submarine, and opened valves/hatches/sea chests which flooded the submarine. Here's a link to a media piece on the event...

    Now, this goes from bad to worse. There's appx 10 feet of water in the sub right now from the news reports. It is currently sitting on the bottom of the river in the mud, and up until last weekend the interior was pretty much dry. The lower level is completely flooded, not sure how much water made it up to the upper compartments as there's no interior pictures on-line that I know of.

    Apparently, no one wants to take responsibility to pump out the sub as the locals are afraid of contaminants in the residual grease/oil/fuel, etc... left on board in the flooded compartments. So, where things could be normally be de-watered pretty quickly, dried/dehumidified, and probably cleaned up at least cosmetically, is not happening as this is now turning into an environmental issue. The sub sits flooded, everything in water is deteriorating quickly, and pretty soon the damage will probably be non-recoverable. According to the article NAVSEA was contacted for guidance, which none was quickly forthcoming.

    It had to be folks that were ship/submarine knowledgeable that did the dirty deed. Your run of the mill opportunistic vandals don't carry bolt cutters, have the knowledge to hit the proper valves/connections below decks to initiate flooding, and could not have easily gotten in/out as there's no gangway to the submarine currently due to Sandy damage. This was targeted damage. Plain & simple.

    Let's hope that the local law enforcement folks have some leads. I don't know if any federal agencies are working on this as well (NCIS, FBI, et al...) but methinks a few dirtbags need to be shot out the forward tubes as water slugs. Any stored warehoused items below decks as well as any paper artifacts (manuals, etc...) are all probably toast. Electronic components, cables, one of a kind irreplaceable items are all marinating as we speak.

    I really hope the sub can be saved, but after this it's becoming more of a bet that scrapping will be strongly eyed due to fiscal concerns. The association was just evicted from it's shore side facilities as the land the museum sat on is apparently slated for development. There's nowhere for the sub to go right now, it's literally sunk in the mud.

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    Reading a few articles about this, I would say that someone from the Museum probably did it. The museum was evicted from the site and was suppose to have everything moved by Tuesday. This certainly gives them more time/an excuse to delay moving. Especially since they claim to have nowhere to go

    On a sad note the Museum has been closed since 2012 because the gangway to the ship was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy? WTF. If they couldn't raise the money in 6 years to build a replacement?


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      Two words, artificial reef. A sub would be a popular dive wreck.