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USS Fitzgerald collision

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    Interesting piece of news on this: US Navy to ditch touch screen ship controls

    This bit here?
    "Service news website USNI reported that Rear Adm Bill Galinis, who oversees US Navy ship design, said the control systems were "overly complex" because shipbuilders had little official guidance on how they should work.

    As a result, he said, the control systems on different ships had little in common, so sailors often were not sure where key indicators, such as a ship's heading, could be found on screens."

    Are you kidding me?...


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      If you read the NTSB report, it details some of the procedure to move controls from one station to another. Clearly the operators didn't understand how it worked. It doesn't really sound overly complex, but it does require a certain procedure and therefore a modicum of knowledge to make it work. I think there are 2 primary contributors-
      1- As with any type of system like this, some will have a better grasp of it than others. To impart a simple standard training regimen doesn't mean that everyone gets the same level of understanding from it.
      2- That the USN doesn't have a standard specification for helm controls on similar ships is beyond belief. Even more, it's apparently up to the shipbuilder to design the system how they see fit and up to the navy to adapt to it.
      With the new policy to just give up on the automation (instead of addressing the root causes) and go back to the old way, I wonder how the helm controls are shifted from one station to the other using this scheme?


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        Of it goes again, back to sea.

        Better luck this time.


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          I'm happy to see Fitzgerald back at sea. When I first saw how damaged she was, I thought for sure the Navy would end up scrapping her.