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    Here's how Kissinger put it at a recent armed services committee hearing

    Nuclear talks with Iran began as an international effort, buttressed by six UN resolutions, to deny Iran the capability to develop a military nuclear option. They are now an essentially bilateral negotiation over the scope of that capability through an agreement that sets a hypothetical limit of one year on an assumed breakout. The impact of this approach will be to move from preventing proliferation to managing it.


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      Iran can sink an American carrier, the straits or Hormuz is too narrow to let a ship defend itself effectively. They can also pound the piss out of our naval base in Bahrain, block tanker traffic and make mighty mischief in the area. The problem is that is all they can do. Sinking one carrier and destroying one base won't work. The only way they'd dare is if they felt war was a forgone conclusion and they might as well get their licks in while they can. Even then they may not since the only places they can sink the carrier would leave them swimming in radioactive pollution regardless of what the US did in response.

      The US response would be terrible. Terrible on a level to make elderly Germans and Japanese have flash backs of endless bombs falling from the sky.


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        Originally posted by gunnut View Post
        Maybe they built the mock up to be highly compartmentalized just like a real USN warship?

        I agree with you. It's hard to sink a ship using missiles. Sinking a ship requires putting holes in the ship below the waterline. Missiles don't normally do that. A secondary explosion as a result of a missile hit might, but that's more about luck than design.
        The C-802 is designed to impact right at the waterline. IRIN and IRGCN vessels employ this missile. However, ASBM'S are mostly designed to inflict mission kill on a carrier, by rendering the flight deck useless.
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