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    There is a significant commercial market for increasingly capable AUVS, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. I suspect this will lower the barrier to entry in this subject area for smaller navies to obtain and develop similar platforms toward naval underwater warfare applications.

    Total's Intelligent AUV by 2016
    by Joseph R. Fonseca
    Saturday, April 26, 2014
    Marine Link

    To improve the monitoring of subsea installations Total and Chevron have tasked a team of a dozen researchers for building an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) by 2016.The intelligent submarine will be capable of inspecting wellheads and pipelines over tens of kilometers, in 3,000 meters of water. It would also be capable of detecting anomalies independently, providing real-time warnings and transmitting large amounts of data.


    “Today, remote operated vehicles (ROV) used for monitoring are tied back to workboats by cables and have to be guided,” explains Frédéric Garnaud, Head of Deep Offshore Development Project in E&P's R&D Division. “This innovation would allow us to perform the same tasks four times faster, improving both safety and costs."

    But Total and Chevron have even bigger plans: Within six or seven years, the AUV will be able to perform work on installations. It is is an outstanding example of how Total's R&D teams serve the business needs of exploration and production operations.
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