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  • Tug Rhea is back in Philadelphia to reportedly pick-up Barry for her final voyage. Miss Rui delivered Ticonderoga to Brownsville this past week.


    • Tug Miss Rui delivered ex-Hawes (FFG-53) to EMR/ISL last week and is heading back to Philly to grab ex-Stephen W. Groves (FFG-29). That will keep EMR/ISL busy until the two carriers are ready for scrapping. (Disclaimer: I'm merely presuming they will get the two carriers based on the fact they've scrapped most of the carriers in the last few years)


      • Miss Rui left today (5th November) eta Brownsville 17th. DLA website reports International Shipbreaking paid $240 for all 5 ships. The original sales offer seems to have included LPD-12 (Shreveport) instead of Ticonderoga until MARAD found out and claimed they had the sole right to sell the amphib and the switch was made.

        Although there is no more public information about the sale of the two carriers it has been confirmed that Kitty Hawk is programmed to go into drydock at PSNS in March next year and come out in May. The scrapper must then get it to their facility no later than 12/30/2021. JFK is still 12 months from date of contract.


        • The NVR reports the following for the Nassau (LHA-4):
          NASSAU (LHA 4)
          Class: LHA 1 UIC: 20725
          Status: Disposed of through Inter or Intra Agency Transfer Fleet:
          Date status Changed: 12/08/2020

          Does anyone know the details of this or what agency received her?
          • There was at least one humanitarian group after her to turn her into a hospital ship
          • Perhaps Marad to sell her for scrap?
          • Then there was this interesting nugget...
            It seems to have died, but it's interesting nonetheless...


          • Marad updated the monthly lists of the NDRF today.

            They confirm that the Nassau was transferred to them on the disposal list on 12/08/2020. The ship's condition has been regarded as poor since it entered the BRF so some kind of deterioration may be a factor in the decision.

            The Cape Mendocino (barge/heavy lift ship) which was also listed as poor has been added to the scrapping list as well.
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