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  • rickusn
    "The first of five new K130 corvettes (based on the Meko A) for the German Navy began building in July 2004. The first and the fourth corvette are to be built by Blohm & Voss, the second and fifth by Lürssen and the third by Thyssen Nordseewerke. The corvettes will enter service between May 2007 and November 2008."

    Is there enough work to keep these three German shipyards plus HDW viable?

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  • Tarek Morgen
    With the baptising of the LUDWIGSHAFEN AM RHEIN the first batch of five K 130 is complete.

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  • kato
    started a topic German Navy Changes

    German Navy Changes

    Since not much is really happening, thought i'd give a little summary of current stuff for the German Navy. Only ship classes with recent changes, or plannings, below. Nothing really new there, only a collection of stuff.

    F125 class frigates
    The project has seen a lot of changes recently, in particular with MONARC and Naval GMLRS being canceled, and 127mm VULCANO guns and Hitrole-NT turrets being pre-ordered from Otobreda. The Budget Committee of the German Parliament will be discussing the procurement on June 20th, with it likely being approved.
    The order being proposed is for four F125 class ships for a total planned cost of €2.62 billion, including full weapons and electronics outfit. Unlike with other recent projects (F124, K130), the design details will not be hammered out during the concept phase, but during building. Hence a lot could still change.
    Blohm & Voss has released a new F125 artist conception showing a ship with the pre-ordered 127mm turret, a VLS forward, and a reduction of RIB "bays" in the sides from 4 to 2.

    F124 class frigates
    The three frigates have officially reached "full service", however several severe problems have shown up, in particular regarding the software outfit. Each of the three ships carries a different software suite, which has shown to be not compatible with each other (or rather, EADS Battle Management System, which should combine the suites, doesn't work right) - a critical problem for a AAW ship.
    It's planned to bug out the software glitches (fully discovered in March this year) until Summer 2007 to establish at least self-defense capability for the frigates. Establishing full AAW capability as a networked squadron is planned to be accomplished by 2008 - not in need of a rush though, since the ships are currently only armed with RAM for SAMs. SM-2MR Block IIIA and ESSM won't be delivered before mid-2008.
    The ships, due to above problems, can't deploy on "real" missions, leaving those to the F123 (as taskforce command ships). However, they do deploy with the Bundesmarine Training Squadron, as well as for joint NATO maneuvers.

    F123 class frigates
    The four frigates of the F123 class are currently being slightly rebuilt and upgraded. In particular, they're currently receiving new decoy launchers (4x TKWA/MASS), replacing the old Breda launchers. These upgrades are being performed alternating with deployments to UNIFIL. In the medium future (until 2011), all four ships will be upgraded with variable depth sonars (taking over the ASW role from the F122), a complete new combat system, new communication and navigation systems. Since industrial support for the Harpoon Block 1C will run out, an upgrade to RBS-15 Mk3/Mk4 is planned. Upgrading the Mk41 VLS (currently 16 NSSM) to ESSM is not planned (though could be considered).
    All ships are also receiving 27mm MLG27 to replace their 20mm guns.

    F122 class frigates
    Although the eight F122 class frigates are planned to be replaced by the F125 class in the next decade, they're still receiving several upgrades before that - new TKWA/MASS decoy launchers, as well as a new combat management system and Link 16. The new combat management system for the F122 will be almost identical to the one planned for the F123, and the two upgrade programs form a single combined project for the navy. Since the currently mounted Exocet MM38 won't be supported anymore either by early next decade, upgrading to RBS-15 Mk3/Mk4 is planned as well. Upgrading the Mk29 launcher with ESSM is not planned (and very unlikely, since these ships will decommission by mid next decade).
    All ships are also receiving 27mm MLG27 to replace their 20mm guns, and, for UNIFIL missions, are outfitted with extra .50cal MGs.

    K130 class corvettes
    Out of the five corvettes, three are currently running sea trials (F260 Braunschweig, F261 Magdeburg and F262 Erfurt). Braunschweig and Magdeburg are running their acceptance trials, and are expected to commission in the next 3 and 5 months respectively. Erfurt started trials in April, and will commission in 2008.
    F263 Oldenburg will be christened on June 28th, F264 Ludwigshafen am Rhein in September. Both are expected to commission in 2008.
    The German Navy 1st Corvette Squadron officially was raised June 26th, 2006, without ships. They were subsequently assigned the Type 404 ship Donau, which will act as the future tender for the squadron. The future ship crews have been training within that Squadron since then.
    The K130 class corvettes' finalized armament consists of a 76mm gun, two 27mm remote-controlled guns, two 21-cell RAM launchers and four RBS-15 Mk3 missiles (Mk4 land-attack upgrade planned). Displacing 1840 tons full load, they carry a crew of 60.

    Type 332, 332A, 333, 352 class minehunters
    These 600-ton boats share a common hull, hence grouping them together. These originally 22 boats have been the stable minehunting force of the Bundesmarine, and changes are mostly in numbers.
    There are no changes for the Type 333 and Type 352 minehunters and minesweepers (5 ships each), the number of Seehund drones for the Type 352 (18 drone ships) also remains constant.
    The numbers are changing for the twelve-ship-strong Type 332 Frankenthal class: Two ships have been sold recently (the two oldest, Frankenthal and Weiden, to the UAE). One ship is being refitted as a minediving support ship with no minehunting capability. Four other ships will be rebuilt to patrol boats / force protection boats, and a squadron of five Frankenthal minehunters with Pinguin B3 and Seefuchs ROVs remains in service.
    All ships are currently receiving 27mm guns to replace their 40mm Bofors/Breda, with about half the ships upgraded by now.

    A third Type 702 "taskforce supply ship" (Einsatzgruppenversorger, EGV) has been approved for budget planning, and will likely be approved in the overall budget soon. This third unit is urgently needed, and might be entering service by 2010-2011, if approved. The third unit will be updated compared to the original Type 702, and likely employ some changes - in particular regarding the deployment of a platoon of infantry - or similar-sized - from these ships.
    The old ammunition/supplies transport Westerwald - recently passing it's 40th anniversary - will stay in service until around 2010, and is planned to be replaced by above 3rd EGV (though not in the same role).
    The two light oilers in Bundesmarine service (Rhön and Spessart) have received new UNREP gear in the last two years, and will remain in service for at least another two years.

    Type 212A submarines
    The fourth unit (U34) - and final of the first production run - was commissioned on May 13th. A second, upgraded run, of two more boats is planned, but not approved yet.

    Federal Police / Coast Guard units
    The Bundespolizei has been leasing three CB90H combat boats from the Swedish Navy for the last 3 months, and has used them during the G8 summit this week (including during the intercept of Greenpeace RIBs on Thursday). Officials seem to be rather impressed with the performance, and have hinted at wanting to order several if money can be found.

    Marine Force Protection / Naval Infantry
    73 small hovercrafts with up to 650 kg payload will be introduced and assigned to both the Naval Infantry Bataillon, and certain engineer units within two Heer divisions. These hovercrafts (Type "MARS 702") will be built by a Russian Company (AKS Invest), and outfitted in Germany. No real updates on that since November 2006, but all units involved with that are considered special forces - so, not exactly free with information.

    Naval Aviation
    The eight P-3C bought from the Netherlands are now all in service, and have replaced all Breguet Atlantique MPA. Two SIGINT-specialized Breguet Atlantique remain in service. The 21 Sea Lynx Mk88A used by the Bundesmarine are getting a light upgrade, with new navigation systems and two MFDs for that in the cockpit. The MH-90 (aka NH-90 NFH) has seen some tests in the last year, including landing trials on Bundesmarine tests. The Bundesmarine is however bickering with the industry about some additional requirements they have that the MH-90 doesn't meet, and therefore haven't signed any contracts yet. No upgrades for the Sea Kings, which are supposed to be replaced first by MH-90 or any other new helo.
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