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  • J-10

    hello everyone, anyone got any detailed info on when the J-10 and will become operational, cos all i can find is that it will be operational in 2005/2006. and some patchy specs and photos which are probobly fake.

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    About the only thing we can confirm is that one regiment in the 44th Division is equipped with the J10.


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      The photos in this link shouldn't be fake. They are the photos that accompanied J-10 in its official declassfication.
      This is from People's daily. The photos used on Xinhua are the same ones. I figure these must be carefully chosen by PLA.

      As for other parts,
      It currently uses AL-31FN. The most recent bunch was reported to have TVC nozzles according to JDW. There are conflicting arguments on Chinese boards on whether or not any J-10 will be equipped with WS-10A next year. Either way, we can safely say that it's going to be the engine of future for J-10s. The AL-31FNs are all going to be delivered by the 3rd quarter of 2006 according to JDW(also reported as definitely before end of 2006 by Richard Fisher). That will be 154 AL-31FNs (not including the ones delivered for J-10 prototypes) delivered for J-10s by 2006. From past experience of JH-7 and Spey engines. We can expect most of those engines to be used (not many left for spare). So, you can probably expect 140 to 150 J-10s by the end of 2006. Currently, there is also another J-10 regiment in FTTC.

      The speculation is that 2 more divisions (2 and 3) will soon have a J-10 regiment each.

      The weapons used are PL-8 (Chinese production of python 3, probably upgrade from the original, expect similar performance to PL-9C), PL-11 (similar performance to AIM-7 sparrow) and PL-12 (similar performance to AIM-120B I would guess).

      The radar used currently is a slotted array radar. We know that it can support at least 4 concurrent engagement using PL-12 based on a brochure given in Zhuhai airshow on SD-10. The radar with be upgraded soon. It could be to PESA first and then to AESA or directly to AESA. Probably will happen in 2 or 3 years.

      cockpit, you can check this photo to see its cockpit.

      airframe, you can check the pictures. Suppose to be really really manuverable.


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        thanks for the info tphuang :)