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Improved Israeli F-15 AUP displayed in Poland

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  • Improved Israeli F-15 AUP displayed in Poland

    Improved Israeli F-15 AUP displayed in Poland
    The Heyl Ha'avir (Israeli Air Force - IAF) publicly revealed its upgraded Boeing F-15D multirole fighters during the recent international air show in Radom, Poland. The upgraded aircraft are known as Baz Meshopar (Eagle Improved) but are also referred to as the F-15 AUP (Avionics Upgrade Program). The first upgraded aircraft was rolled out at Tel Nof air base, Israel, in August 1998, and the first serial upgrades returned to service during early 2000.
    [Jane's International Defense Review - first posted to - 21 October 2003]

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    It surprises me the Israeli's never fitted vectored thrust engines to the Eagle, what with their long standing penchant of improving on our designs.



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      I guess it didn't appeal to them pricewise
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        Same goes for the Japanese Snipe.
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