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Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) vs USS Starship Enterprise

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  • Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) vs USS Starship Enterprise

    I am convinced now that the LCA is a match for the Starship USS Enterprise, having listened and learned about its specs from the Indians on this board. Feel free to discuss this here.

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    Give me a freaking break. The USS Enterprise carries butter cookies as standard issue.


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      How about a Klingon warship? Those really could give the Mighty LCA a run for it's money.


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        Originally posted by dabrownguy
        How about a Klingon warship? Those really could give the Mighty LCA a run for it's money.
        Nope. You're wrong. Read this. I'll let Jay explain it to you using his words :-

        It pales when compared with LCA's avinoics that are already integrated and tested.

        Check this out...
        Flight Control - Digital quadruplex redundant architecture

        Cockpit environment - 3x 5x5 inch and 2x 3x3 MFDs/SSDUs, displays for comm. and nav., HOTAS and VTAS (voice), HUD with UFCP, centralised warning, mission planning and retreival unit, FCP for emergency flight control, HMS (Elbit's JHMCS tech), digital video recording (DVR).

        Core avionics features - Sensor fusion with Power PC/VME 64 core avionics computer, digital weapons systems management with front end weapons management computer (32 bit,single chip,dual redundant arch), digital pylon interface boxes. 5x MiL-STD-1553B avionics and weapons databuses with fibre optic databus in development.

        Comm and Nav. - RCI Ring lase gyro based INS with GPS/GLONASS correction. Comm system in V/UHF with Frequency hopping, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology and Secrecy. High speed multi-point air-to-air air-to-ground datalink.

        Self-protection - Tarang HADF Mk.II 4th gen RHAWS, Internal solid state software intensive jammer with the ability to capture unknown emissions for later exploitation and analysis and internal CMDS. The system can also cue the pilot to initiate additional evasive maneuvers while working in automatic conjunction with ECM/CMDS action.

        Sensors - MMR Radar (By spec, this seems better than the Zhuk-M but both of them are not phased arrays like the RBE-2) DSP and Radar computer.

        Others: Elta Litening-II LDP, IRST, FADEC for engine control etc etc.
        With that sort of sophistication, you have either to be blind or stupid to believe a Klingon warship could even get close to dogfighting an LCA.


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          I wouldnt like to be in Captain Kirk's shoes if he comes across and LCA.


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            Originally posted by Hongkongfuey
            I wouldnt like to be in Captain Kirk's shoes if he comes across and LCA.
            If I am Capt Kirk, then I will like to be in JF-17 Thundaar. The mightiest 4th Gen aircraft that can outrun and outclimb USS Enterprise startship.

            Oh wait,let me quote Hongkong's own words to get a hang of it, Thundaar is equipped with state of the art good (?!!!) avionics like....

            Avionics of the JF-17 are supposedly pretty good actually.
            Fire-control radar Italian FIAR Grifo S-7
            Navigation system GPS system
            Other Head up display (HUD), infra-red search-and-track system, night-vision goggle capability and a digital dual Fly by wire (FBW).
            Whoa... I gotta NVG capability, Yippie, I can see in the night, wait, what am I gonna do with it, when the opponent can smoke me out in BVR range...yep, it might be useful to trackdown food when I eject out Alive

            Some more pearls of wisdom from our resident Startrek expert,

            Although, its overall maneuverability is 70% that of the F-16 Falcon but its high climb rate makes the aircraft able to challenge early fourth generation fighters
            Yep, I can only turn 70% of an F-16, Hey PAF cheif, can we build another fighter with 30% maneuverability which can turn JF-17 to a full 100%??

            It's certainly a fourth generation fighter, a bit lacking on top speed, but for interception it's not required.
            With state of art avionics and weapons package, Thundaar is Nth Gen aircraft!!

            Best of luck

            Everyone in the forum, Agree that Thundaar is a 4th Gen Aircraft, that includes you Colonel, Sir. (I know you are going to say its a 2nd Gen AC, essentially a Mig-21 Clone, but no, according to our expert Hongkongdong, it aint) more butter cookies for you
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            A grain of wheat eclipsed the sun of Adam !!


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              Originally posted by Jay
     more butter cookies for you
              You do know that this is a serious violation of the GC and it's tentamount to an act of war.