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A – 10 Thunderbolt Vs. Me – 262 : Only Cannon Armament (Read Introduction)

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  • A – 10 Thunderbolt Vs. Me – 262 : Only Cannon Armament (Read Introduction)

    A – 10 Thunderbolt


    Messerschmitt Me – 262

    Hahaha Haha! Well I guess its only a saber rattling cyber pest like me who starts dicey topics like this but, considering the aeronautical aspects involved let us consider this :

    Suppose a refurbished Me 262B-2a armed with a 50mm MK 114 gun fully loaded with firepower, probably owned privately or by some establishment went up against an A-10 Thunderbolt at an airshow somewhere in the world in a mock dogfight with only their cannon armaments. Now we’re talking about a 60 year old fighter of WW II vintage going up against our modern day Warthog minus its AGM Maverick self-defence missiles and other weaponry, save its cannon.

    Hence although the A-10 has very stable slow speed handling, it will not trim completely ‘hands off’ for any extended period of time which means that, with a pilot-selective firing rate of 2,100 / 4,200 rounds per minute, it would be capable of disabling the 262 from a range of 6,500m with its GAU-8/A Avenger 30mm cannon. But then again the A – 10 would need to have the same amount of ammo as the Me 262, so it would have relatively less rounds to fire.

    And still the A – 10’s Achilles’ heel lies in its speed(Only 420 mph or Mach 0.56, a lot slower than a Boeing 747) and since it would be fatal for a 262 to attack an A – 10 head-on an Me 262B-2a closing its firing range very quickly at almost Mach 0.86 would totally damage the A -10 with its powerful 50mm MK 114 nose gun, if it were to straff the A – 10s twin tail section – rendering it rudderless. The only way the A – 10 would be able to defeat the Me-262 would be to go into a flat spin and get its nose gun directed at the 262 or perhaps climb to 45,000 ft before the 262 straffs its belly, but a tail damaged A – 10 would surely be….on its way down………

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    Double post...
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      The A-10 is used today, but don't make it sound like it was MADE just 5-10 years ago, it's a pretty old design itself (first flew in 1972), just not a WWII design, like the Me-262. lol

      You're questioning this? Well, the Lockheed P-80 (first flew in 1944) jet-fighter would've whooped the Me-262 if they ever met each other in WWII; the P-80 was superior to the Me-262, as much as the Me-262 is so hyped by everyone; America actually made the superior jet-fighter of WWII! It's only that it wasn't the FIRST jet-fighter ever made; this is why the Me-262 is hyped so much today. The A-10 would whooped both of them, despite the slightly slower speed it goes. It's not like it's a jet going 400 MPH compared to one going 2,000 MPH. THEN you could say there's a significant advantage. The A-10 is more maneuverable than the Me-262, as well, so it'd be much easier to get a lock on with the A-10.

      Also, you're comparing a pure ground-attack aircraft, to a fighter-interceptor. Going slow is not a bad thing... when you're looking for targets on the ground that're stationary, or only going 30-60 MPH. 400 MPH is still extremely fast compared to a ground target, which is what it was made to go up against. Stop talking about it's speed, as if it was a failure, because it wasn't, it was INTENDED to go those speeds. Nice try though. ;)