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  • sniperdude411
    Common sense my friend. I could think of that.
    But please, continue; ignore all of us teasing you.
    And I agree; don't bad this guy until he gets out of control and/or is a troll. Please. I need to laugh sometimes.

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  • Dima
    Originally posted by Troung
    Yeah sure.......
    lol, exactly what i was thinking the first time

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  • troung
    Yeah sure...

    Don't ban this guy he is so much fun... ;)

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  • Agent VE
    started a topic SAD Agents

    SAD Agents

    The best the CIA has! I was a SAD Agent, look at my name! Names are 12 characters long after AGENT. The first letter is your divion, second is rank (best are vowels, closer to A the higher), and the rest... you don't need to know about!

    E after V means the top 20 agents, A would mean top 10. But back on track: The SAD Agents are great! We did the best ways of getting information:

    - Take a few capitives in a chopper
    - Take the chopper up to 500 feet
    - Ask the first capitive, "Do you know anything?"
    - He doesn't answer
    - Push him out of the chopper
    - Ask the next one
    - If he/she stalls, throw him/her out
    - Repeat until you get enough information
    - Put the next five capitives in the chopper
    - Repeat until you know everything the enemy knows

    Wan't that fun? Now here is you tip of the day (if in a city):
    If you think someone is following you, walk into a building; wait until the suspects enter too; then leave the building; if followed, use your abillities to take out the suspects, most likely your friends playing a trick on you! But always suspect the unsupected!