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    The best the CIA has! I was a SAD Agent, look at my name! Names are 12 characters long after AGENT. The first letter is your divion, second is rank (best are vowels, closer to A the higher), and the rest... you don't need to know about!

    E after V means the top 20 agents, A would mean top 10. But back on track: The SAD Agents are great! We did the best ways of getting information:

    - Take a few capitives in a chopper
    - Take the chopper up to 500 feet
    - Ask the first capitive, "Do you know anything?"
    - He doesn't answer
    - Push him out of the chopper
    - Ask the next one
    - If he/she stalls, throw him/her out
    - Repeat until you get enough information
    - Put the next five capitives in the chopper
    - Repeat until you know everything the enemy knows

    Wan't that fun? Now here is you tip of the day (if in a city):
    If you think someone is following you, walk into a building; wait until the suspects enter too; then leave the building; if followed, use your abillities to take out the suspects, most likely your friends playing a trick on you! But always suspect the unsupected!
    "In god we trust. All others we monitor."

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    Yeah sure...

    Don't ban this guy he is so much fun... ;)
    To sit down with these men and deal with them as the representatives of an enlightened and civilized people is to deride ones own dignity and to invite the disaster of their treachery - General Matthew Ridgway


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      Originally posted by Troung
      Yeah sure.......
      lol, exactly what i was thinking the first time


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        Common sense my friend. I could think of that.
        But please, continue; ignore all of us teasing you.
        And I agree; don't bad this guy until he gets out of control and/or is a troll. Please. I need to laugh sometimes.