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KC-46 saga

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  • KC-46 saga

    USAF stops delivery of the KC-46. Again...

    I will never understand what is going on at Boeing, with this program. The company is the world leader in air refueling: decades of first building and maintaining the largest air tanker fleet in the world.

    And then they get to design a new model and... 2 years behind schedule and massive cost overruns.

    Meanwhile Airbus, with pretty much zero experience, launches their model with almost no problems...

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    Aaaand the fail continues...


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      This gets better and better: the USAF is allready looking for another tanker. That is how bad this program has gotten. Barelly made it into initial OC, won't make it untill 2023 (or that's the hope...) and the USAF is allready shopping for a replacem... sorry, an interim tanker....

      The article ends with "Airbus had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication", which I translate into "Airbus it's laughing it's head off"...


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        ------------------- double post...
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