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    Originally posted by Maxor View Post
    So as nearly as I can tell this is due to a couple of things, 1 because of operations in the middle East until recently we burnt up a lot of airframe hours and life that had gone into previous fleet lifespan projections. 2. F-35 production isn't quite as quick as had been hoped and ramping that up isn't cost effective and a lot of the current production is going to partner countries. 3. Pilot shortfall, it's fairly cost effective to have a F-15 pilot stay in the air guard flying a F-15 compared to transition to a new aircraft, or train a new pilot.
    I think mostly 3, but more related to time and cost and less due to pilot count. The time and cost to re-equip the ANG F-15C units with a different aircraft would be greatly increased versus conversion to the F-15EX.
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