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India's Missile Program

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  • India's Missile Program

    I wanted to have discussion on this topic .

    India's missile program is going well or not ...??

    India is test firing small missiles like Akash and Nag . though there uses are different .

    Akash Test Fired

    India has Prithvi , Agni1 , 2 already inducted in military .

    there is some news about Agni 3. Still India needs atleast one year to test this missile because its suffering from many technical problems

    Agni 3

    And what about India's Missile defence shield...????

    Will US help ?????

    With India committed to nuclear no-first-use, it needs a viable system

    US willingness to share information on missile defence indicates its recognition of the realities of the globalising world and India’s role in it

    What will happen ?? whoes missile defence system is better ( US or Russia).??

    Will India go for Patriot ( US doesnt want to give the latest version)..???

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    'Complications' in Agni-III overcome: Natarajan


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      well, if America won't offer the PAC-3, then you might as well get the S-400 from Russia, it's probably better anyways, they are developing a long range missile for it, 400km+(*actually, the Ks-172 is the airborne version of that missile, heard from my friend) and a French company is making the missile for the S-400, comes out in 2006 or something, i think, can anyone clarify?


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        Just a speculation
        "theres a prob with russians integrating it with Green Pine. The rusians arent ready to give away the info to let S300's integrate with Green Pine. ( remember there was a lot of fuss about tech transfer when putin visited india"). And Before that there were talks about india planningfor purchasing in S300 from russia but after than today india intends to go for his own. As clearly
        Us has blocked Arrow.
        US isnt giving PAC-3 but PAC-1.
        Russia isnt probably giving S300 for integration with Green pine. or else the procurements woudl have been made .
        So we are left with no more choices other than developing our own


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          Ajay, the jury is still out on this one. I have heard conflicting reports, so it's best to wait until something official is announced. The first offer from the US I heard was for PAC-3's. The latest news says PAC-2. I don't think we even build the first generation Patriots anymore, so you shouldn't have to worry about that one. ;)

          Which missile India chooses is based on the requirements. PAC-3 is better for shooting missiles, and PAC-2 is better for aircraft. The PAC-2 missile has longer range and is larger than the PAC-3, usually they are deployed together.

          I don't know the technical difficulties involved in trying to integrate the S-300's missiles with GreenPine, but I can tell you that it would not be a trivial task- The radars are completely different in design. Until someone convinces me otherwise, I have to believe that it would be better for India to just use the Russian radars to guide the Russian missiles.
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