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India Chooses Russian Planes!

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    Originally posted by Dima
    actually, sorry, it has stated that India has ToT from Russia,

    sorry, i didn't know
    sicne the news is pretty old i remebered reading it but i didnt have sources. the indians rarely buy stuff (neededd in large numbers) without a ToT.


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      Originally posted by Dima
      it makes perfect sense, sometimes, a nation doesn't grant a nation ToT, i mean, ToT, from where, you got an article stating that they have ToT for the T-90, because i seriously doubt that they actually have it

      T-72's were always planned for second-line defences, if you look at Soviet doctrine, they relied on the T-64 as being the MBT of the army, the most advanced, while the T-72 was originally produced to be a mass-produced secondary line, the T-90 has solved this, it's got the same role as the T-80, which replaced the T-64's role

      FOR T-90 TOT IS GIVEN TO INDIANS. they are at present assembling semi -knock down tanks. but slowly they will start manufacturing the most of the tanks in india.

      in case of these TOT in tanks, it is the requirements by the army which is very important. if army needs say 1000 tanks min then it is good to start manufacturing, it become economical. if not then buy the whole tank outright and do some local assembly.

      t-72, it is manufactured locally, and at present the upgradation is going on especially with night fighting ability etc.


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        yes, i know that ToT was given to the Indians, i already said that

        that was with the last contract betwen India and Russia, they granted ToT, yea, they're going to build them from knock-down form
        for MOTHER MOLDOVA


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          America can definately not be trusted

          They are playing india and india i hope knows better than to play into the americans hands.

          Unless they are offering a hell of a deal that India cannot refuse then maybe they can look into it, but I would trust russia and france way more because we have had past aircraft purchases with them. Also the IAF has too many different types of aircraft as it is.

          My opinion- It comes down to the Mig and the mirage.

          The mirage is a very good a/c and is pretty reliable also they currently have around 40 in their inventory. The mig29 is good but I would chose this if it has updated technology and equipment and improved manuverability and range.


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            This happens when someone can make a product more cheap than their competitors.