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Characteristics of a new-design CAS platform

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    Originally posted by citanon View Post
    I'm convinced that Americans invent so many things be are just lazy as heck and don't want to do real work.
    Americans are lazy and greedy. We want the money but not doing the manual labor. That's why we invent all sorts of machines to do the hard work for us.
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      Some new munitions for CAS from fixed wing aircraft:

      And they are relatively cheap:


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        Actually, CAS is a detriment. A lesson learned and forgotten ever since Korea. Those countries without CAS worked their damndest to maintain their LOCs openned. Those countries that have air superiority ignored their CAS. To date, there has been one and only one battle where the LOC was cut but the battle was won - Khe Sanh ... and the number of burnt C-130s and the close calls on the Marines ... a single battery (ala RNZA) allowed a single battlaion to repulse an entire division)


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          Originally posted by Gun Grape View Post
          We are lazy. CAS is for when you don't bring enough Artillery to the fight. Or your to lazy to take it out of your firebase to cover your troops.

          Don't get me started
          Giant Effing Like Button.

          One of the great lessons learned from Afghanistan for the US Army was when we gutted the divisions of DIVARTYs and gave stripped down gun battalions to the BCTs, we lost a LOT of effective artillery planning and C2 capability as well as coverage of the battlefield. In our latest redesign of the Army post OIF-OEF we are restoring the DIVARTY HQs and adding a 3rd firing battery to the BCT FA battalions. Hard lesson learned.

          All Western armies can go through this. The Israelis learned form the Yom Kippur War that depending on aircraft only for support was a deadly mistake. They met MR SA-6 & SA-7 and fought a hard battle to restore air supremacy in order to provide space to support. As a result Soldiers died early on for a lack of fires. They worked with the US and restructured their artillery to greatly increase their tube artillery. This paid them dividends in the 1982 war in Lebanon.

          Why we ignored that lesson is beyond me. (I know, dollars).

          Oh, and we are also bringing back the DISCOMs for the exact same reason.
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            Originally posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
            Forget CAS! What the fuck is wrong with USMC battalion mortars? If I remember correctedly, that's 120mm with a 10 mile range.
            Both the Army and the Marines use 120mm mortars. But they are not as effective as 155mm...or 105mm for that matter. And the mortars are under the Infantry or Armor battalions direct control...he owns them. Artillery is from an external source.

            Also, as a custom in the US, we don't hit one target 6 times with one battery. We hit it twice with 3 batteries at once if in range...hell once with 6 batteries at once if in range.

            Mortars may be integrated into that but you cannot take them away from the maneuver guy.
            “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
            Mark Twain