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What is up with the F-35? Part II

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  • Excellent video providing a history and capabilities of the F-35

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    • Final report of that F-35 ramp strike. Pilot error.


      • Originally posted by tbm3fan View Post
        Final report of that F-35 ramp strike. Pilot error.
        I wonder if said pilot had much Hornet sticktime or was a Nugget straight out of Flight School to the Fleet and F-35s.
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        • Out of curiosity does this kind of incident normally nix a navy pilots career?
          If you are emotionally invested in 'believing' something is true you have lost the ability to tell if it is true.


          • Originally posted by Monash View Post
            Out of curiosity does this kind of incident normally nix a navy pilots career?
            This mishap was the result of pilot error. The mishap pilot (MP) attempted an expedited recovery breaking overhead the carrier, an approved and common maneuver, but the MP had never performed this maneuver before and it reduced the amount of time to configure the aircraft and conduct landing checks. Asa resultof the compressed timeline and the MP's lack of familiarity with the maneuver, the MP lost situational awareness and failed to complete his landing checklist. Specifically, the MP remained in manual mode when he should have been (and thought he was) in an automated command mode designed to reduce pilot workload during landings.

            Before the Mishap Flight (MF), the MP had never initiated an expedited recovery from overhead the ship. On 24 January, it was his first attempt. The MP was a previous Top-5 Nugget and a Top-10 ball-flyer within CVW-2, indicating that his landing performance at the ship had been exceptional for a first-tour junior officer (JO). [Encl 7, 24] 80.

            The MP discussed the proper execution of an expedited recovery with other members of his squadron. The MP wanted to try a “benign first attempt” at breaking overhead the ship. The MP explained that other JOs had performed the maneuver overhead the ship and he wanted to attempt it before the end of deployment. The MP described hearing from CVW-2 LSOs that an expedited recovery can reduce open deck times, but he did not feel pressure to perform an expedited recovery on 24 January from the CVW-2 LSOs or anyone else.

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            Unlike other mishaps this was an incredibly expensive mishap that the Navy says is close to $120 million. According to Ward this pilot will not be flying again for the Navy.