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What is up with the F-35? Part II

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  • What gets me is how pissy-whimpsy everyone has gotten. We make a big deal about FONOPS. The Chinese are bellyaching. The Russians are warning us. Back in our day (Dinosaurs speaking now), these things MIGHT make it to page 6 in the local paper, right behind the SUNSHINE GIRL. We saw 4 T-72s at a Berlin checkpoint. Whoopee do. A Russian army doing drills 100 miles from the Ukrainian border and everyone is crying rape.

    This is a Big Boys Game with Big Boys Rules and a Big Boys Rule is don't bellyache about things being unfair.


    • Italy took over Baltic Air Policing from Germany at the turn of the month - deploying F-35A to the Russian border for the first time for that. BAP deployments are usually for 8 months. The Italian Air Force has previously deployed F-35 in NATO Air Policing over the North Atlantic, from Iceland.

      The US has so far only had short visits of F-35, in 2017 to Estonia and 2019 to Lithuania.