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  • 'chopper down

    I have mentioned previously that one of the greatest problems a heli. can face (esp. urban) is the power line. NOE being the pilot bugbear.

    This thread is as much for the hobyist as the mil. pro. I don't think that Attack Heli. is cost effective compared to armour or fixed wing. Please prove me wrong. the following are thoughts directed at temperate and urban zones of combat.

    #1 A net gun fired at the blades.
    #2 A water cannon (or, indeed, fire hose) fired at the blades/inlets
    #3 Water balloons from sling shots filled with petrol
    #4 Paint ball hits on the cabin
    #5 Emergency rocket with line - through the blades
    #6 Halogen torches
    #7 Multiple rescue flares
    #8 Anti-tank rifles

    You get the idea. I hope I'm daft. :)
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    A cigarette butt flicked into the mid-air refueling probe of both a chopper / fixed-wing aircraft can be equally devastating


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      Originally posted by The Chap
      #3 Water balloons from sling shots filled with petrol
      Instead of a water balloon I'd use the anarchists best friend, a can of hairspray. (never leave home without it)
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        Well they dont seem to lose too many of them in urban areas, so it cant be that bad.
        And even if they take a serious hit, auto-rotation means that a lot of them can crash land and be salvaged and put back into service even after being shot down, as opposed to a jet that tends to explode when slamming into the ground at high speeds.