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JSF sufficant to replace the F14?

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    Originally posted by -{SpoonmaN}-
    Yeah, you do, cause old people, diabled people, people who cant get a job cause there are none around, they have a right not to starve to death. And no, I dont see how anyone could seriously challenge the USN within the next 20 years, so no super fighter is needed. Isn't the absolute superiority of the F-22 enough?
    There is no right not to starve to death.

    Welfare has nothing to do with the US constitution or the founding fathers.

    Welfare is FDR and LBJs baby. Before them, there was no such thing.


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      Originally posted by M21Sniper
      I would state that as a 'fleet defender', going strictly from a FLIGHT PERFORMANCE standpoint the F-14D is superior to the F-18E/F in every way.

      But to simply say that overall it is superior in every way, is completely false.

      That being said the F-18E/F, IMO at least, possesses completely inadequate flight performance to satisfactorally perform the role of fleet defender.
      Agreed. The Superhornet has a much better maintenance record compared to the F-14.
      "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes." G-Man


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        Originally posted by BenRoethig
        Education I can see because the department exists only to make education a federal campaign issue. In reality it does nothing except put undue pressure on our school systems. Housing and Urban Development I could see as well since it's also a state/local issue. Granted, they need to be overhauled against healthy, but lazy people who don't want to work. HHS and labor have vital roles though. As for the unions, I've seen first hand how lazy they can make out public servants.
        I'm a proponent for the reduction of entitlement spending, but education doesn't fall into that category. In spite of the 10'th Ammendment, I wholeheartedly support federal education programs and feel the Department of Education should take a greater role. In fact, I'd go for a greater level of standardization and unification of the education system for a number of reasons.
        One, because the states and local municipalities have failed to provide credibility and accountability.
        Two, because a greater level of standardization assists in assessing the true status of the educational system.
        Three, because education is the key to long term growth and in order for our nation to continue to grow capital stock we must dedicate greater resources, not necessarily funds to the education of our future.