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FALCON, PGS, E2, Orbital Bombardment, etc.

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  • FALCON, PGS, E2, Orbital Bombardment, etc.

    Hi Guys,

    I was not sure which place to put this thread because it touches on air, surface, naval and space power so here we are :).

    Reading what Chirac said about using strategic assets (e.g. SLBMs and nuclear weapons) in response to a terrorist attack got me to thinking about some things I read awhile back about PGS and FALCON concepts.

    I know that the USAF and USN have done come conceptual work on using ballistic missles with conventional warheads to give the President a very quick military response to a situation anywhere on the planet. Minutemen, MX and Trident proposals have been suggested under the names Minotaur 1 & 2 and E2.

    Proposals for warheads have included some fairly straightforward MARV ideas as well as a Common Aero Vehicle (CAV) which would glide down from orbit to bomb multiple targets (if I understand the idea correctly).

    Thoughts? Comments?


    1. What is the current status of these programs?

    2. What are some of the other ideas that have been forwarded to meet the PGS/FALCON need?

    3. What are your opinions on the political ramifications and technical hurdles involved?

    4. Do you think that this is a worthwhile concept or is there really no need or is this just a ploy for the ICBM mafia to gain greater relevance in the Post Cold War climate?

    5. Might we be better served developing and orbital bombardment capability?

    Thanks in advance for your input.


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