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Reuters: Pentagon to Nix F35 Backup Engine Plan

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  • Reuters: Pentagon to Nix F35 Backup Engine Plan

    I am wondering if this is such a good idea.

    Sole sourcing has lead to problems in the past.

    What happens if the JSF119-614 turns out to be seriously flawed or a turkey for some reason?

    Labor troubles at the plant cause spares availability problems in time of crisis?

    Evolution of competing design creates a superior power plant?

    I am not sure this is a wise idea. Many of you know much more about these things than I; opinions?

    Looks like a UTX lobbyist might get a fat bonus.



    WASHINGTON (Reuters)

    The Pentagon has decided to kill a planned back-up engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in a boost to United Technologies Corp. and a blow to rivals, a noted defense consultant said on Thursday.

    The decision could mean tens of billion of dollars in extra sales over 25 years for Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies unit, said the Lexington Institute's Loren Thompson, who has close ties to the Pentagon and industry.

    The plan, subject to approval by the White House budget office and the U.S. Congress, would be a setback for General Electric Co. and Rolls-Royce Plc, which have been developing a separate but interchangeable engine.
    Pharoh was pimp but now he is dead. What are you going to do today?