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Ukrainian troops might be defeated - rebels report encirclement of Southern group

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  • Ukrainian troops might be defeated - rebels report encirclement of Southern group

    All details are unclear for now, but looks like Ukrainian Army has overstretched its resources trying to attack simultaneously on 3 directions - north (in Lugansk region), center (against Donetsk) and south along the Russian border into the rear of the rebel forces. They used armored groups to break through; however major infantry forces + heavy artillery were still busy on their late June positions "cleaning" recently occupied Slavyansk and its area....

    Without infantry the flanks of the attacking forces were not properly populated while their supply lines were overstretched. Moreover, they push along the border in the south was done despite the fact that major hill of the region - Saur-Magila was still controlled by rebels and their artillery forces. This hill dominated over the roads which were used to supply the advancing group => rebels start devastating supply columns of Ukrainian army, leaving attacking forces with no fuel, ammunition and food.

    Yesterday Ukrainian army realized that they on the edge of a major trap - in the morning they start retreating their northern armored groups.... after lunch there were reports that southern group start retreating without clear orders in unorganized way.... however it looks like too late. While most of the northern group already escaped from the encirclement, the southern encirclement closed today. The trap closed in around 5,000 soldiers and hundreds of armored vehicles and tanks which advanced there weeks ago.... what is left of that are now trying to break through retreating from their positions along the eastern border of Ukraine...

    In the next few days it will be clear if southern group would break through their way home or will drop their weapons and escape to Russia through border. The rebel forces are yet too weak to defeat encircled troops; they also lack infantry and armor to ultimately defeat encircled troops. However the complete cut of the supply lines is already a significant victory.

    Guys, are you observing what is going on in the most recent civil war with MOST massive use of conventional arms? What do you think on the situation from the military point of view?

    Ps. I am not encouraging anybody here to discuss any political issues. People have too opposite opinions for all of us to waste time and repeat all that again... ok?
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