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Plant Pleads To Stay Afloat, But Army Says 'No Tanks'

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    Originally posted by TopHatter View Post
    "There is never enough time to do or say all the things that we would wish. The thing is to try to do as much as you can in the time that you have. Remember Scrooge, time is short, and suddenly, you're not there any more." -Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge


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      Originally posted by zraver View Post
      I was referring to US vehicles. Not dissing on the Chally at all.
      Oh , ok m8


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        i saw a program on tv about factory that rebuilds Abrams tanks, there are actually 2 factories, one does one half of work (taking apart, rebuilding power units, mediabalsting hulls (it is done in huge tower, hulls are hanging vertically), than they ship them to other factory that puts them together. there aren't single new m1a made since 1993, all rebuild\retrofitted.
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          Originally posted by TopHatter View Post
          The point is, Lima needs to be kept open instead of being shuttered.
          The industrial base and knowledge has to be kept preserved.

          No question that the US has more than enough tanks.
          Like I said, slow down the workload to a bare minimum, not because we need the tanks but ensure the industrial capability for the future.
          Good point.

          But how crucial is that? We shut down BB production after WW2. No one can make anything like that nowadays.
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            Originally posted by gunnut View Post
            Good point.

            But how crucial is that? We shut down BB production after WW2. No one can make anything like that nowadays.
            Not a good comparison.

            The battleship had clearly and decisively been superseded by the aircraft carrier.

            The tank has no successor. It is and can be complemented and assisted by other armored vehicles, but not replaced...and certainly not on the scale of the battleship by the aircraft carrier.
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              The problem is that all AMC depots went to a fee for service system several years ago and compete against the private sector....thank the privatization of the defense establishment.

              Lima was told years ago to diversify....and they chose to stick to with M1s only. If they had added M60s to their repertoire for rebuild they would have alot for FMS.

              There is no money to keep them open on a low rate production basis...and no need for those tanks in the Army or Marine Corps force structure anyway.

              As for why the Stryker brigades? They are more deployable and useful in more places in the world....Stryker units will do well throughout Africa....and I can get 4 Stryker brigades into Korea in the amount of shipping it takes to get one Heavy BCT there.
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