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$220,000 uparmored Humvee "inadequate" - solutions, workarounds?

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  • Jackal

    Originally posted by T_igger_cs_30 View Post
    They have? I have heard nothing of this nor can I track anything down, how many did they purchase Kernow ?...............

    I know it is a very versatile vehicle, generally liked but a couple of the negative points I have heard.... Open for crew vulnerable to sniper fire, and no V shaped hull ......... best suited to special ops teams is the opinion I have heard most

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    • Originally posted by Chunder View Post
      I'll be buggered, the Turks still use those Mason Mounts...?

      I've often thought that a modularised remote one mounted on the back of a tray top of a Bushmaster would be a pretty good way of providing some nasty fire-power relatively cheaply.
      I second that!!



      • Hold on JLTV is coming . . .

        The Humvee may need to be replaced, but let's remember the humvee was never designed to do the job it is now doing. Originally designed as replacement for the venerable jeep, the humvee has done everything the US has asked for and more. It has been retrofitted with new armor and engines in an ongoing arms race to stay ahead of a thinking enemy. However, with all the adaptations it still not the best vehicle for the task of transporting troops on a asymmetrical battlefield.
        Recognizing this DOD is sinking increasing vanishing dollars into getting a designed replacement to the force to relieve the Humvee of the mission it has done so well for so long. The JLTV is designed to be a diesel and hybrid electric version, with greater survivability, greater fuel economy, with increased reliability, more payload and power, while offering the same or better mobility as the HMMWV. The JLTV is required to be air transportable by CH-47, CH-53, and C-130, while also being MPF and Amphibious capability. The JLTV is also required to have semi active suspension with variable height management to prevent crew fatigue, 20 percent better fuel economy than the HMMWV, haul 6000lbs in jointly developed trailer, have 90 percent commonality, and cost $305,000 -$340,000 per vehicle.
        This cost of 300Ks is an important factor as the main competition to the JLTV is the MRAP family of vehicles with a price tag of 900,000 per vehicle. In a time of tighter budgets, a vehicle that costs less and is more versatile, while maintaining or exceeding the capabilities of the vehicle replace is a step in the right direction. Furthermore, there is nothing in the inventory which meets the current capabilities of the Humvee, or the future capabilities of the JLTV. To use a MRAP, Stryker, or some other vehicle will still expose the US to capabilities gaps which can be exploited by the enemy.


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