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Three new prototypes for the philippine army

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  • Three new prototypes for the philippine army

    I just found out about three new Philippine Armored vehicles all developed by Steelcraft.

    -MX-1 Kalakian AFV
    -MX-7 Gagamba (Modified British Ferret)
    -MX-8 Barako AEV (Philippine version of the hummer)

    Any of you guys know about this? if do please put in a lot of info into this thread because im curious to see what the Philippine army is up to lately. all i do know is that the Philippine Armed Forces wants to develop low cost but very efficient vehicles.

    Mga pilipino please naman!!! tulungan mo ko dito :D

    MX-8 Barako

    MX-1 Kalakian

    MX-7 Gagamba (closest thing i could find for the gagamba)
    Can you please pass da pork and flate?

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    Looks like arm'd recce or police vehicles.


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      they do look like that, but the problem is that Steelcraft has failed a lot on their prototypes but hopefully this will be the turning point, the MX-8 barako is already in service actually, i don't know about the other two but hopefully they will make it.

      their cost of the vehicles is amazingly cheap, that surprisingly, Philippines can mass produce them to the thousands

      each vehicle costs about 8 million pesos, thats about $183,000 plus in both US and Canadian dollars
      Can you please pass da pork and flate?