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    Sidetracking here, but could explain this one in brief?


    In the first instance, the 5th Panzer and 6th SS Panzer Armies had local successes against elements of the 106th ID, 99th ID and the 28th ID in the opening hours and days of the Bulge. Whole battalions of the US Army surrendered or were rendered combat ineffective. Yet enough companies and platoons stood firm and stopped German attacks cold. This allowed Middleton (VIIIth Corps) and Hodges (1st Army) to move reinforcements in to hold Bastogne, St Vith and Elsenbon Ridge which stopped German units cold or badly disrupted their time table which was vital for operational level success.

    The Germans won at the tactical level, mostly, but lost at the operational level because the Americans won enough tactical battles to tip the overall balance to teh US.

    In the second instance, the Confederate Army fo Tennessee smashed the Union Army of the Cumberland at the Battle of Chickamauga in Sep 1863. The Union forces were sent reeling back into Chattanooga and the Confederates laid siege. While the Union forces wee being starved out, failures in the Confederate comamnd did a poor job ensuring sufficient food and fodder as well as winter clothing were brought forward. Leaders argues and bickered and Bragg divided his army in the face of a growing Union Army whcih was reinforced by the 2 corps from the Army fo the Potomac and 1 corps from the Army fo the Tennessee.

    A total and complete tactical success was squandered by senior leadership which resulted in the Confederates losing the Campaign.
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