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Declassified Soviet, Warsaw Pact military journals 62-86

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    Originally posted by Mihais View Post
    That's the proper military way of writing and speaking.The receiver has to understand what's being told regardless if he wants to get it or not,no matter how stressful the circumstances.
    Mihais, It is socking for this civilian who had trouble to go through all your acronyms.

    I can see why it is written like that. Some politico will read them, too, at some point of time ;)
    No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

    To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.


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      Soviet expeditionary force in the 80s

      Were the soviets capable of sustained ( i.e > 3 months ) of military operations in areas that were not geographically close to the the USSR ?
      In other words did they have the capability to muster a expeditionary force comprising of air/sea /land elements to fight overseas average size enemy like lets say Egypt ?
      If so what would such a force consist of ? Naval marine units ? Paratroopers ?

      I'm thinking of a scenario lets say in early 80s Libya and Egypt war flares up and soviets decide to intervene to prevent fall of GaddAFI , DID they have the force to do so ? Assuming Israel and USA does not come to Egypts aid